Welcome friend! Here you'll find a couple examples of work from Finnigan Delahanty

Lets get right into it. I have been doing UI/UX/IA for mobile and desktop applications for 7 years now. Here's some of my favorite projects:

This is Droppr, designed in 2011. A food delivery service app that never made it big partially because Postmates launched about 2 months before the development was complete. One of the first apps I designed the entire UX/UI for. 

BBFit was a fitness tracking app for logging workouts, meals, and progress toward weight loss. It was designed in 2014 when Google Material Design got released which is why everything is flat, no gradients, and with a non-blurred 1px drop shadow on card elements. 

Airjamz Airaoke is an app that pairs to a Bluetooth enabled guitar pick, allowing users to play air guitar and effectively 'rock out' to any song in their iTunes library. Designed in 2017.

GrowCosmo is a service that essentially automates your instagram interaction. This UI was designed in 2017 and was meant to give users granular control over the actions their account can take. 

This is the Play Portal from Jamstik, a company that makes small electric guitars. They needed a way for people to pair their Bluetooth guitar into the web and practice chords, scales, and rhythm. I included the pen and paper drawings so you can see how it got translated to the more finalized UI elements.

Here is an example of some A | B split testing I've been doing lately, determining which variations of web pages and ads are succeeding and which need to be removed. 

Those are just the most accessible projects I've worked on, I have plenty more examples of my work and can walk you through any of the design choices that were made and why. 
Looking forward to hearing from you, feel free to reach out via email or phone: finniganworks@gmail.com  ||  952 201 2974


Still here? Feel free to check out my resume!